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To provide a challenging work environment this gives our employees pride and dignity.
To have a win-win growth for all our partners working with us.
To work with farmers as their caring long term partner.
To achieve market leadership and operating excellence by continuously providing our consumer with quality product and services.
To provide maximum satisfaction to our consumers and customers with high standard of products and services.


If you wish to change the world then at first change yourself. We committed to the nation, country, and humanity. We spend 10% from our gross income for humanity. To be recognized as the most eminent and professional business house in Bangladesh with an array of comprehensive team of professionals and high quality products.

Our Company

Dreams Infiniti Sdn. bhd

Dreams Infiniti is a Brunei registered Company. For all kinds of Export-Import Trading. Like vegetable, grosser, cosmetics etc.

Infiniti International Ltd

That's glad that we are the exclusive Bagladeshi partner with Cost oil Nigeria. For this viewing cor.. We import gas,oil etc.

Infiniti Multiple ltd

We are the only one corporate-partner with Titan Salvze Company USA. in whole Bangladesh. we use eco-web power to produce electricity and various necessary equipment. By this purpose we supply and export also profarable.

Infiniti Agro Processing Ltd

We produce all kind of gummy, Chips by used Potato, Pineapple, Jackfruit and many kinds of Vegetable. We sell it locally and also we export it.

Cbc Sdr bhd

We are producing all kinds of agricultural product in Brunei. For all kinds of agricultural product. We are producing there also in a cattle, vegetable, rice etc.

Bio-Tech Bd

We also the exclusive partner of Alliance Capital Investment Company and Minedur. By that purpose we survay vubus leind of constructing & developing by use biotec technology.

Dreams infiniti

It is a entertainment service which released movies, newest song and many other entertainment way by import export. It's give a lot of pleasure.

Alif Lam Mim Publisher

We are publishing all kinds of Book. To improve our educationally power. We hopeful to get the best effort from that resource.

Miah Vai Oil & Gas ltd

It's a company which supply oil, gas etc. Trading also recommended it is locally trade by this purpose.

wide axis sdn,Bhd

Wide axis sdn,Bhd is a Malaysia company. For all kinds of Export-Import Trading.

Local Partner of Infiniti Multiple Ltd

Titan salvage co.usa

Titan salvage is a marine services company. Building on the heritage of two respected salvage companies, Titan and Svitzer Salvage, our offer covers risk mitigation, emergency response, wreck removal, offshore and underwater services

Minedur ag.switzerland

Minedur is an organic, chemical substance, which breaks up the adhering water film around the soil particles and leads to an irreversible agglomeration of fines. This technology is used construction of roads, parking lots, airport runways and Erosion control of railway embankments, levees, seepage control, landfills.

eco wave Power ltd. israel

Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner and developer of the unique EWP wave energy devices. EWP Products is ‘The Power Wing’ and ‘The Power Wing’. EWP services manufacturing and assembly, operation and maintenance

Aliance capital Investment.dubai

Alliance Capital Investment is a dynamic and diversified Dubai-based holding company. Like as Development Properties, Loan, Alliance Petroleum, Support Services and Healthcare.

Meka Group

The Meka Group spans various businesses from Marine construction, Dredging and Reclamation, Pipelines, to Shipyards, Ports, Real Estate and Information Technology.

Goa Shipyard Limited

It is a shipping company. To build commercial vessels like Offshore Supply Vessels, Oceanographic & Coastal Research Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Dredgers, Tugs, etc..

Cast Oil Ltd. nigeria

It's a company which refining gas and oil. Trading also recommended it is locally trade by this purpose.

Sintificates sdn. bhd. malaysia

Producing medical equipments for dengue, malaria, filarial and also produce medicines.

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